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Document Protecting Published E-Mail Addresses Against E-Mail Spider Systems.

(Part Two)
by Miroslaw M. Soja

First Published: April 6th, 2004

     At this article, I would like to propose a simple Java Script code that is an alternative method to previously mentioned approach in the battle against e-mail harvesting spiders. Precisely, in contrast to the previous article, the presented code does not require programming in a server's level script such as PHP - it's just a simple Java Script.

     As I have mentioned it in the previous article, the main idea, for making an e-mail address to be transparent to the spiders, is representing the address in a confusing fashion that can be easily detected only by browsers.

     The confusion causes that an e-mail spider needs more time consuming processing in order to de-code the address and register it in a database. In consequence, it would become inefficient for e-mail spiders to process and collect this type of e-mail address representation.

     Please examine the following Java Script function empro():
function empro(ext,dom,acc)
     var m1 ='ma' ;
     var m2 ='il' ;
     var m3 ='to:';
     var quot = '"';
     var dot = ;
     var at = '@' ;
     var tot = quot+m1+m2+m3+acc+at+dom+dot+ext+quot;
     document.location = eval(tot);

     The function empro accepts three input parameters: ext, dom, and acc. Each variable is a portion of an e-mail address. For example, the address someone@domain.com would be represented in following:
      ext  = 'com';
dom = 'domain' ;
acc = 'someone';
     The following line invokes the empro() function in the HTML body for the address someone@domain.com:
<a href="#" onClick="empro('com','domain','someone')">Contact Me</a>

     The presented Java Script is great to someone who is not familiar with programming in PHP or other server level language. However, before you use the code, please be aware of the fact that some web suffers have disabled their browsers for running Java Scripts.

For instance, some businesses have policy that requires from their employees to disable Java Script option in their browsers as security percussion. In this way their browsers do not interact with Java Script.

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